Angles to Look More Stylish, digital filters that correct facial imperfections, reshape the nose, enlarge the eyes, give a bronzed tone or lighten the skin, and why not, add freckles or change eye color.

We live in a generation that is detached from reality, immersed almost full-time in social media, virtual spaces where we seek to stand out through unattainable beauty standards, craving “love,” as some call it, in the form of likes. We expect acceptance and become frustrated when the number of hearts and comments is not enough to fill the void that supposedly justifies someone’s attractiveness, success, love, and even happiness.

This almost obsessive behavior, bordering on extreme narcissism, may seem like an exaggeration and go unnoticed or be downplayed by some individuals. However, the reality is that it is a problem that goes beyond self-esteem and can even lead to illnesses associated with depression and stress caused by a lack of self-acceptance and self-love.

Perhaps it’s time to pause and ask ourselves: What happens when we are in real life, without filters or appearances? Some people have distorted their perception of how they truly look to such an extent that when they face the world outside of the virtual realm, they encounter rejection from both men and women. This has a negative impact on self-esteem and the ability to form healthy relationships in various environments.

It’s ironic how Latin women and men chase after beauty standards from other countries when our natural beauty is the winning component that makes us attractive in other parts of the world. Breaking free from this paradigm and understanding that beauty is a complex aspect of human beings, filled with subjectivity and directly linked to how we feel, is an important topic to reflect upon in these times and one of the most challenging goals of BeautyMate. That’s why we strive to support self-expression by challenging stereotypes, embracing freedom of expression, democratizing beauty, and championing the premise:

We believe in the power of beauty!

We believe and create based on the idea that there is an underestimated power in beauty, beyond vanity and the pursuit of “perfection.” True filters should be sunscreen, taking care of ourselves and indulging in self-care should be the best way to enhance self-love. Looking in the mirror and accepting ourselves as we are is discovering each day that our “imperfections” are unique characteristics that make us one-of-a-kind in the world. By strengthening aspects that go beyond aesthetics, we will discover a beautiful being, full of confidence, ready to conquer any challenge that life presents along the way.


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Written by our CEO Karen Luna
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